Claim What’s Yours in the New Year at the Women of Power Summit!
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Claim What’s Yours in the New Year at the Women of Power Summit!

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Caroline V. Clarke, Chief Brand Officer of Women of Power (Black Enterprise)

Dearest You,

New career? Next promotion? The romantic commitment or extravagant vacation you’ve put off?

It’s a new year and you’re a Woman of Power, so the things that pop into your head when we say, claim what’s yours are probably pretty dope in that ‘I’m killin’ it’ kind of way.

No harm in that and we’re cheering you on, but don’t forget to remember that what’s yours first and foremost is very simple: It’s you.

Your health.
Your wholeness.
Your time.
Your spirit.
Your breath.
Your integrity.
Your sense of peace.
Your heart.

What’s always yours beyond all else can’t be taken away and is never not within your reach. Your hopes and vision and values are yours. Your intellect, creativity, and ambition are yours. Each day, each moment, each thought is yours. Not your children’s or your team’s. Not your clients’ or your friends’. And not just what’s left after everybody else has taken theirs.

All of you. As you are. Right now.

As Elaine Welteroth told us in her empowering memoir last year, you’re More Than Enough. Honor that. Safeguard that. Top your list. Claim that.

See you at the Summit!

Much love,


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