Clinton Holds Outreach Call With Black Female Voters

Clinton Holds Outreach Call With Black Female Voters

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The Clinton campaign, which has been plagued by accusations of racial pandering, is ramping up it’s minority outreach. On Tuesday night, the Clinton campaign held it’s monthly call to check in with black female supporters.

Black women called in from all over the country to hear from the Clinton campaign and it’s high-profile surrogates. Notable participants included Compton Mayor Aja Brown, actress Alfre Woodward, and BET CEO Debra Lee. Aside from a bizarre interjection to inform participants that a cast member from the Real Housewives franchise was also dialed-in, the call was focused on highlighting Clinton’s long-standing commitment to the issues most relevant to black women.

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Mayor of Compton, Aja Brown, spoke of Clinton’s commitment to gun control reform. Citing her own personal experiences consoling mothers and grandmothers of Compton who had lost children to unnecessary gun violence, Brown assured callers that Clinton would continue to fight tirelessly to implement policies to curb gun violence.

BET CEO Debra Lee praised Clinton’s “intelligence and heart,” reassuring callers that Clinton would “never stop fighting to guarantee equal pay for women, especially women of color.”

Alfre Woodward gave an impassioned and eloquent endorsement of Clinton’s support for widespread criminal justice reform. Speaking to her fellow mothers of black boys and black men, Woodward listed multiple discriminatory criminal justice practices that have continued to decimate the black community. Woodward informed callers of Clinton’s plan to “expand the Department of Justice’s ability to hold police departments accountable for repeat patterns of unjustifiable policing.

Admittedly, the call was slightly saturated with donation pleas, but the staggering amount of participants served as a clear confirmation of Clinton’s support among the group that boasts the highest voter turnout rate in the country.