Congress Banned From Wikipedia

Congress Managed To Get Banned From Wikipedia

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Thanks to edits about Reptilians secretly running the government, Wikipedia administrators issued a 10-day ban on a U.S. Congress IP address. (Image credit: Ron Cogswell)

If you work in the Capitol, it seems your editing of Wikipedia articles has been noticed.

Wikipedia administrators have slammed the ban hammer down on the U.S. Congress for 10 days thanks to “disruptive editing,” according to the Washington Post.

While everyone is free to edit the online encyclopedia, a rash of inaccurate and blatantly false retellings of political incidents has popped up recently, mostly attributed to the creation of a Twitter account.

The Twitter account in question is Congress-edits, a Twitter bot that updates when someone using an IP address associated with the U.S. Congress with what that address edited on Wikipedia.

The changes made to Wikipedia articles are often ridiculous conspiracy theories, ranging from a faked moon landing by the Cuban government, to the rumor of a Reptilian species that is controlling politicians in order to rule the world.

Of course, Wikipedia does not tolerate incorrect additions, and so has banned the Congressional IP address for 10 days in order to halt the influx of erroneous information.

Congress Wikipedia Reptilian Edit
Congress' edit of the 'Reptilian' Wikipedia article.

Of course, nothing will top the best Wikipedia edit ever, which removed former Senator Chuck Hagel from his position as the Secretary of Defense, and replaced him with United States national football team goalkeeper Tim Howard after saving a record-setting 16 goals during the U.S. vs Belgium match in the 2014 World Cup.