Congressional Black Caucus Says Trump's ‘Platinum Plan’ To Help Black Americans Is Similar To Their Proposal

Congressional Black Caucus Says Trump’s ‘Platinum Plan’ To Help Black Americans Is Similar To Their Proposal

President Donald Trump (Image: Twitter/@Rasmussen_Poll)

With all the fuss over O’Shea Jackson, better known as Ice Cube, “assisting” the Trump Administration with their Platinum Plan for Black Americans, people are frustrated that the former NWA rapper would even meet, let alone, collaborate with Trump’s team so close to the election. The irony is the plan that the Trump administration has devised is eerily similar to something the Congressional Black Caucus has introduced, according to TheGrio.

When asked about Ice Cube’s Contract With Black America, Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, (D-TX) told theGrio, “I have not heard first-hand of any attempt to reach out to any senior members of the caucus about this.”

The Congressional Black Caucus says the plan makes similar points brought forth in its Jobs and Justice Act 2020 legislation proposal introduced just last month in September. 

Rep. Jackson Lee added that the Trump administration has shown little interest in the needs of Black America. “They have not been a friend of poor people, working people, small businesses, and they certainly have not been a friend of African Americans and people of color,” she said.

Jackson Lee also said that members of the Congressional Black Caucus have attempted several times since Trump became president to meet with him about the issues that Black Americans face–that included a 125-page proposal for Black America–after he was inaugurated. Those requests were ignored. 

“The President of the United States has never in his four years of being there been an advocate or help anything get accomplished, and he will not get anything accomplished this time,” said Jackson Lee. “Everything that was in the Platinum Plan has already been proposed by the Congressional Black Caucus and Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.”

After the controversy involving Ice Cube and the Trump administration, the Biden camp crafted a response.

“Donald Trump has been president for nearly four years and does not have a record to stand on when it comes to the Black community—but we are supposed to believe he now, all of a sudden, has a plan three weeks before the election?” said Biden’s Director of Strategic Communications Kamau Marshall.

“COVID-19 is disproportionately killing the Black community and his failure to have any plan to get the virus under control has made it worse,” Marshall added. “Since March—1 in 1000 Black Americans have died from COVID-19. By the end of the year, the estimate is it will be 1 in 500.

“Black businesses are being decimated due to the economic devastation caused by this virus. If Trump wants to talk about his plan for the Black community, he first needs to explain why he has failed to get this virus under control,” Kamau added. 

“Donald Trump believes that the economy is doing well, his friends on Park Avenue and the wealthiest Americans are doing well. Vice President Biden believes the economy is doing well when workers and families are doing well.”