Conservative Host Candace Owens Blasted Online For Comments About Drag Queen Story Hour

Conservative Host Candace Owens Blasted Online For Comments About Drag Queen Story Hour

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Candace Owens, a conservative influencer and host on The Daily Wire, caught some heat in response to her comment that parents who take their kids to drag queen story hour are “underqualified” to have children while deeming this behavior “child abuse.”

Independent reported on Owens’ commentary regarding the thousands of dollars poured into drag queen shows at NYC schools amid Pride month.

“Of course, I have been covering the wonderful month of Pride, for which I feel no pride for at all. I think it should be called shame month. It’s absolute debauchery,” Owens said on her segment of the conservative news outlet.

Owen references a report indicating New York’s responsibility in using taxpayer funds on a group that sends drag queens into city schools and interact with kids as young as three years old. The group, Drag Story Hour NYC, have reportedly earned $46,000 last month from city contracts for appearances at public schools, street festivals, and libraries, according to the New York Post.

“I spoke about this last week and when you believe when you start to see that your government is sponsoring that, when they’re putting real dollars behind things like drag queen story hour in New York City, you should realize that something nefarious is going on because the government does not care about your children. No, the government does not love your children,” Owens said.

She continued, “The government does not want your children to be accepted. The government wants your children to be enslaved to government for the rest of their life.And right now, as we’re seeing, there is a marriage between government and big pharma. It is my belief that that is the push behind this effort to tell children that they can pick their gender and to confuse them.”

“And you’re seeing right now that adults are getting behind this narrative so they can have a woke T-shirt on and say I love my children. I allowed my child to pick their gender and pick their species,” Owens said. “And they feel proud of themselves because they can go and they can say this on Facebook that they are wonderful, accepting, and loving adults. When, in reality, they are underqualified to have children.”

“They should have their children taken away from them because it’s child abuse,” she added.

Owen’s opinions struck a nerve with many, so the power of social media snapped back.