COO: Commander Of Operations, Lt. General Walter E. Gaskin
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COO: Commander of Operations

Lt. Gen. Walter E. Gaskin (Photo courtesy of Lt. Gen. Walter E. Gaskin)

Don’t fear the competition.
Competition can cause you to excel, according to Gaskin. “But it’s often based on what motivation and ambition you have for yourself within that organization. You extend that type of attitude that competition is OK and bring it on,” he says. “The best teams in the world don’t run from competition. They invite it because they get a chance to demonstrate their own skills, their own teamwork, and their own ability to adapt to whatever problems, adversity, and those things that may confront them.”

The best motivation is building a winning team.
“Everybody likes a winner. Everybody wants to be a part of a winning organization,” says Gaskin. “So, the motivation here is the maintenance of traditions.” He says that an organization should be able to embrace everybody and that that everyone should have the same opportunities. “Then you are getting into the motivation part, [becoming an organization] where everybody wants to be.”