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Coping With Depression When Money or Personal Problems Arise During the Holidays

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3. Plan ahead

Feeling overwhelmed because you didn’t plan ahead or suddenly have too much on your plate can trigger stress and lead to depression. If you’re feeling “on edge” or anxious because there’s so much to do, start prioritizing and planning so you can take care of only the most important tasks. Taking the time to plan can make it easier to handle those hectic days ahead and might even keep depression at bay.

4. Talk to a trusted spiritual adviser

If difficult relationships with family members are making you angry, stressed, or depressed, seek out the help of a spiritual adviser to talk about your issues. Bottling up those emotions can backfire and make you feel even angrier or hostile. Many religious counselors have seen and heard it all. So don’t worry about shocking them or having them judge you. Just be honest about how you’re feeling so that your minister, clergy member or another trustworthy spiritual confidante can help you deal with any immediate problems and possibly help resolve the source of your anxiety or depression.