Curl Sistas Hair: Couple Talks Working Together to Launch Brand

Curl Sistas Hair: Couple Talks Working Together to Launch Brand

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What’s unique about this hair versus other extension brands?

Joy: I am most proud of the quality of Curl Sistas Hair. It’s super soft and has beautiful, voluminous texture. Curl Sistas Hair is 100% virgin human hair, so it lasts up to a year or more—you can wash, dye and use heat on it. It won’t lose its curl pattern after styling. Curl Sistas Hair also does not matte up after washing. Each pack of Curl Sistas Hair comes from one donor. The cuticle of the hair is kept intact to maintain its long lasting quality. Curl Sistas Hair undergoes a steam process to lock in the curl pattern at our international facility.

Aside from our clip-ins, wefts and lace closures, we also offer small sample sizes of each texture for purchase so that our customer can experience Curl Sistas Hair firsthand before making her purchase. Most of all, what distinguishes us from other extension brands is that Obi and I recently wrote a book about natural hair called The CurlSistas Guide to DIY Natural Hair Products. With our book we are able to further serve our customers by giving them options to maintain and care for their real hair. It’s an awesome book full of easy to make all-natural shampoos, conditioners, moisturizers and more! All of our recipes are custom created by Obi and I, and I’ve personally tested each one. My hair has never felt better! It’s moisturized, soft and the shedding has been dramatically reduced. Our book comes in e-book form for just $5. Plus, it’s free with a purchase of Curl Sistas Hair wefts or clip-ins!

How do you deal with relationship issues so that they don’t affect the brand?

Joy: Date nights help! It’s really important not to let work interfere with our personal life. We like to have movie nights a couple times a week and spend time just talking and enjoying each other’s company.

What advice do you have for other couples looking to start a business together?

Obi: It’s important to understand eachother’s style of communication and fix any communication challenges before starting the business. If a couple has a problem communicating in their relationship, the problem will also play out in their business. This can hurt both the business and the relationship at the same time.