An Old Staple: How to Write A Savvy Cover Letter

An Old Staple for Youth: How to Write A Savvy Cover Letter

That good ‘ole cover letter. It’s still a major part of today’s job search process—even with the advent of social media and abbreviated Web communication— so you’ll want to be prepared with a few versions of it to send to prospective employers.

Brazen Careerist offers a little help with this, detailing the following tips:

Use details to show how your experience is relevant. Make points in your cover letter that are relevant to the job you’re applying for. Is it a marketing job? Specify the roles you’ve played and tasks you’ve undertaken that make you a qualified candidate.

If your cover letter looks like a template, the recruiter will likely feel you aren’t making an effort, and the letter probably won’t speak to why you’d be a great fit for the job you’re applying to.

Give it personality. Avoid sounding monotonous or boring in your cover letter; recruiters will assume you’re like that in person, too. Be excited about the position (but avoid using exclamation points), and be inspired by the work you would do for the company.

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