Create A Playlist To Help Alleviate Stress
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Motivation Monday: Create A Playlist To Help Alleviate Stress

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Life with all of its twists and turns can offer you up a slice of nonsense pie. However even in the midst of that confusion, there are some things we can do to help the journey become more palatable. As a Life Coach, more often than not, I tell my clients to create a playlist of songs that get them excited about life. Additionally, I have them create a playlist of songs that offer them encouragement and consolation. Today, if you find yourself eating some of this pie, this is a great exercise for you. Music as they say, is the soundtrack to our lives. Just merely hearing a song can take you back to a place of happiness or sadness within the first few seconds of the song being played.

What’s powerful about this exercise is that you are solely in control of the content. As humans, we like to have a sense of control. Moreover, we want to feel we are truly in charge of our lives. That’s true to a degree. Creating a playlist puts the power and control in your hands. My suggestion would be to take some time reflecting on the songs you choose. Music is an extremely powerful art and tool. Don’t be cavalier when it comes to your song selections. This is all about you. So go through your iPod and CD’s (if you still have them) and create! Below, I have my personal playlist for when life gets a little hectic.

1. “My Life” -Mary J. Blige

2. “Zoom” – The Commodores

3. “Keep The Faith” – Faith Evans

4. “Off The Wall”- Michael Jackson

5. “Enjoy” – Janet Jackson

6. “Let’s Go Crazy”- Prince

7. “No More Drama” – Mary J. Blige

8. “Everyday Struggle” – Notorious BIG

9. “Stay” – Rufus featuring Chaka Khan

10. “Miracle” – Whitney Houston

Remember we have the ability to not only change our world, but the world as a whole. Be great!

Until Next Time, Pervis

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