How to Create a Successful Podcast

How to Create a Successful Podcast

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SCORE launches a Small Business Success PodcastCreating a podcast can be beneficial to your business. Podcasting allows you to connect with your target audience and encourage engagement with your brand without breaking the bank. Your content will be delivered on-demand to listeners worldwide. With every new podcast episode, you have the ability to connect with existing and prospective customers on a deeper level. Moreover, you will join the thousands of brands on iTunes that are building massive audiences everyday.

It takes a strong platform to build an audience of passionate listeners, and that takes a winning strategy. contributor Courtney McKenzie walks you through the steps necessary to create a successful podcast:

Deciding Your Niche

Establish the mission and vision for your podcast by deciding which need you plan to fill by creating your podcast. Select the well-suited topic/category based on the goal(s) of your podcast. Choose an enticing show name that will reflect your shows mission and appeal to listeners.

Identify Your Audience

Create the avatar of your ideal listener. Be very specific about who you will serve with your podcast. Once you identify whom you are targeting, make sure the show format and content cater to that specific audience.

Select Format

Determine the format your show will follow. You can choose audio, video or both. Decide if you will self-host or have a co-host. Lastly, whether or not your show will be interview based or self-produced.

Content Strategy

Create a content calendar with topics you plan to cover. Tools like Google Calendar and Evernote are both great resources for mapping out the elements of your podcast. Remember to keep your ideal listener in mind when creating the content strategy because the content has to be delivered in a way that will appeal to them.


Before you launch your podcast, it’s important to build buzz around it. Start promoting your podcast on social media, to your email list and announce the launch on your website. This will help you build an audience before your podcast even makes a debut.

Launch Your Podcast

For maximum exposure, upload your podcast episodes to iTunes, Blackberry, and Stitcher Radio platforms*. Launch with multiple episodes so listeners can download all available content, which will in turn increase your download statistics and boost ratings.

For more information on placing your podcast on one of the abovementioned platforms, visit the respective website.

Expand Your Audience

After you launch, it’s important to continuously promote your podcast–add links of your podcast to your email signature and social media profiles. Flex those social muscles by always announcing your new episodes on your social networking sites.

Courtney McKenzie is a podcast consultant and digital strategist. McKenzie is the founder of Entrepreneur 2.0, a top-ranked business podcast in iTunes, and is the Founder of Crowned Public Relations, Inc — the leading digital public relations based in Palm Beach/Miami, FL. Connect with her online at, on Twitter @CeoCourtney.