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Crown Love Beauty Supply Provides Black Hair Goals In Nashville

Crown Love Beauty Supply in Nashville, Tennessee, is doing its part to uplift the natural hair community and Black entrepreneurs in the city. Its “Black Business Spotlight” focuses on its mission to do more than the average store.

As a Black-owned business, Crown Love’s name represents its passion for spreading positivity in its community regarding Black hair. Through this, its communal involvement aids in reducing the misconception surrounding Black hair businesses. In conversation with the Tennessee Tribune, it addressed how it reduces negative stigmas surrounding Black beauty supplies, including the lack of proper customer service or accessibility to products fitting the needs of its clientele.

“Crown Love’s mission is still the same,” shared Whitney Sains, one of the establishment’s owners. “We are aiming to incorporate business with community involvement. Our purpose is to make our customers feel welcome and included. We approach business with gratitude and kindness. We are not just a beauty supply store; we are part of the community.”

To progress the community it was founded in and serve, Crown Love’s “Black Business Spotlight” will host a consignment program to display local entrepreneurs’ work. The program will seek out these vendors so potential customers can peruse their items.

Calling the program “a great opportunity to lift as we climb,” Sains expressed her hope that the initiative would introduce the community to the diverse talent stemming from it. According to Crown Love, its mission is for all to thrive within its doors.

Crown Love continues to seek innovative ways to engage its patrons while showcasing Nashville’s entrepreneurial spirit, especially within the Black community. Its work and quality customer service are progressing Black businesses in the hair and beauty industry.

As trailblazers in Nashville’s “evolving” beauty domain, Crown Love is always open to developing new relationships with growing Black-owned businesses around Tennessee.

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