D.L. Hughley Questions Why UFC Owner Dana White Slapping His Wife Isn’t Flooding the News Cycle

Earlier this week, TMZ reported that UFC owner and promoter Dana White struck his wife on New Year’s Eve at a Cabo San Lucas nightclub.

Some people may have noticed that the story is not dominating the headlines.

This observation was not lost on comedian and radio host, D.L. Hughley, who took to his social media accounts to question why  the media hasn’t given White the same coverage that Chris Brown received under similar circumstances.

Hughley first took his observation to his Twitter account, where he mentioned Chris Brown, Bobby Brown, and Antonio Brown in direct reference to the opposite treatment White has gotten from media outlets.

“If #ChrisBrown, #BobbyBrown or #AntoinioBrown did what #DanaWhite did, the media wouldn’t stop talking about it!! What can Brown do for you?………Be White!! #TeamDl

Following the lack of engagement after posting that message, Hughley brought up the topic again on Thursday via his Instagram account.

“Again, asking the question, ‘What can BROWN do for you?'” He reminded people that the UFC owner makes his living capitalizing off “brutal, physical violence,” yet the headlines about his actions toward his wife are not as blaring as they would be had a Black celebrity committed the same transgression.

He used the hashtag #WhitePrivilege, acknowledging that the privilege being placed upon White is a double entendre.

“’What can BROWN do for you?’ Apparently not a damn thing! If that had been a brotha, it’d be NONSTOP coverage, dredging up a playground fight from the 3rd grade, scouring old tweets, you name it. #DanaWhite ‘s ENTIRE LIFE is immersed in brutal , physical violence, he’s amassed a fortune from it. Where are the salacious headlines?? Where’s the pressure?? Ohhhhh, he apologized🙄 #WhitePrivilege (PUN INTENDED) scores a 1st round knockout yet again. #TeamDL


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