Daylight Savings Time is a Perfect Time to Volunteer

Daylight Savings Time is a Perfect Time to Volunteer

Two quick questions: Do you value your time? Now, can you spare an hour? L. Maxwell McKissick sure hopes so. His Milwaukee-based organization, SERVE 60, is looking for eager individuals willing to give their time and talents to others in need, and encouraging individuals to use the extra hour they gain during Daylight Savings this weekend to get started.

“If every American volunteered for at least Daylight Savings Time weekend, it would translate into 300 million hours,” says McKissick, who has high hopes for his initiative. “Of course, if they did it both weekends–fall and spring–now you’re talking 600 million volunteer hours. So even one hour twice a year can have an impact within communities and help change the world.”

The overall goal of the SERVE 60 program is to increase volunteerism and community service among all Americans, including people of color. “We’d like to engage more African Americans, especially with such a tremendous and critical need [for help] within our communities,” says McKissick. “From volunteering at schools to promoting healthy eating to donating professional services to small businesses, there is a wide area where we can help.”

To see how and where you can volunteer and donate just 60 minutes of your time to help others, click here.

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