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that these agreements work for us and that they are fair agreements. At the same time, people who think we can’t compete and that we have to put up trade barriers and tariffs to keep from competing they make things good for a couple of years, but ultimately if our products are non competitive with the rest of the world we become a second tier economy and fall just as far behind as the Soviet Union did when they tried the same thing.

Bill Richardson, governor of New Mexico

BE: Gov. Richardson McCain stands on not meeting without precondition, whereas Obama wants aggressive diplomacy, where do you stand on those policies?

Well, I think it is very clear Obama is ready to meet our adversaries. We have to remember, you don’t make peace with your friends, you make peace with your enemies. I agree with Obama. He’s ready to meet with the leaders of North Korea, Iran, Venezuela, but you’ve got to do it with preparations and McCain basically takes the same policy position as George Bush: anybody we disagree with we don’t talk to. That does not make sense. That does not serve our interests.

Sen. Joe Lieberman, U.S. Senator from Conneticut

BE: Sen. Lieberman what do you think of Sen. Obama’s proposal to allow people to withdraw from retirement plans without penalty?

Both of them have pretty good proposals. McCain’s is a little better, but Obama’s is a step in the right direction too. I think McCain’s is better because it will make it a little easier on people who need [to make] a little withdrawal, but it won’t make it too easy so that everybody is pulling out of the stock market which I fear that some of Sen. Obama’s proposal might do, which will bring prices down further.

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