Decoded: Rihanna's Brand is Definitely Not 'Anti' Profitability

Decoded: Rihanna’s Brand is Definitely Not ‘Anti’ Profitability

(Image: Facebook)
(Image: Facebook)

Pop star Rihanna and hip-hop’s 2015 phenom Drake have reunited for a song titled “Work” for her highly anticipated “Anti” album, with its release hitting social media and creating international buzz. The album was officially released in late January, then was pulled and is still available on iTunes and other online music stores. One million copies were previously given away to fans as part of her most recent $25 million Samsung deal, and despite reportedly  low initial sales in the U.S., it was a hit on iTunes and went platinum within just days of its official release.

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Though the Bajan star hadn’t released a new album since 2012—and major news outlets are questioning true sales numbers for “Anti”— Rihanna is no stranger to making boss moves both in business and music, listed undeniably by Forbes as one of the world’s highest-paid celebrities.

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