Does Orville Redenbacher's New Campaign Have an Owensian Origin?
Black Enterprise Magazine September/October 2018 Issue

No one will soon forget Terrell Owens's memorable, "Getcha popcorn ready" quote.

“Try not to spill your popcorn while watching the sibling rivalry. Who do you think will take home the win today?”

That was the message on the Facebook page of the recently revamped Orville Redenbacher’s brand before the Giants and Broncos game featuring Eli and Peyton Manning.


If you’ve been watching closely, the brand has made a play toward NFL fans, invoking the phrase “Get your Orville ready.” It’s a statement made famous by one, Terrell Owens.

T.O. created quite a stir with his statements about the delicious snack food. And now that the brand is trying to align itself more closely with the NFL, you wonder if T.O. missed a golden opportunity.

Now that Orville Redenbacher’s is using the phrase, you almost wonder why he didn’t trademark it.

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