Is Donald Sterling 'Mentally Incapacitated?'
Black Enterprise Magazine July/August 2018 Issue

Donald Sterling Reportedly is Mentally IncapacitatedThe story that will never die has added another element to it. According to SB Nation, Shelly Sterling, is the Los Angeles Clippers franchise’s sole trustee after experts declared Donald Sterling “mentally incapacitated.” Per the terms of the trust, that gave Shelly Sterling the right to make decisions without needing his approval.

That may be the sole reason the sale to Steve Ballmer (for $2 billion) was handled so quickly, without complications, as Donald Sterling has insisted on fighting the NBA on his ban.

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It’s been reported recently that Sterling, 80, has prostate cancer, which could be a factor in how his mental health was evaluated by experts. Recently, he’s been sending mixed signals on what he plans to do. Stating he will give control to his wife Shelly in the selling of the franchise, then saying he will fight the fine and ban given by the NBA.

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