Best-selling Author and Motivational Speaker Dr. Adair on ’21 Ways to Get Over It’

A multiple best-selling author, publisher, speaker, and “Empowerologist,” affectionately known as “Dr. Adair,” is a leading authority on motivating, inspiring, and empowering individuals to move toward positive change, become resilient, and to bounce back after hitting rock bottom. Dr. Adair specializes in helping women and teens build their confidence levels to become equipped and empowered to pursue their passion and persevere in their purpose.

Four years ago, Adair decided to leave her six-figure income job after 26 years, so she could follow her next dream of becoming a published author and business owner. She created The Empowerment House where she coaches women and teens through life changes. Black Enterprise sat down with Adair to discuss her new book: 21 Ways to Get Over It: What You Need to Know.

Black Enterprise: What inspired you to leave your job and create the Empowerment House?

“It was time. That is the most simple explanation. I felt it in my heart, and in my spirit, I knew that I was “done.” I published my first book that summer, and in that book, I told my story. I shared with the world the “good, bad, and ugly” and how I was “still standing” despite and in spite of everything I had gone through in my life. The response and feedback I received after people read the book spoke volumes to me about following my next dream. It made me realize that I could share the message and teach others how to create books to deliver their personal messages.”

Black Enterprise: Tell us about your new book and why we need it.

21 Ways to Get Over It: What You Need to Know provides readers with 21 ways to change behavior. “They,” say that it takes “21 days to change a habit” so I present 21 ways that readers can begin the process. I share key elements to move toward positive changes and the original, and unique motivational messages and exercises are designed to help readers review and readjust the approaches to changing their behavior. Each day offers an inspiring message, challenge, and action that must be completed to ensure that positive changes and habits are broken within 21 days!

I write from the heart and I teach lessons on living from the heart. I honestly believe that your heart does not lie to you, so if you follow your heart and if you “trust and believe” then you can make your dreams become a reality. Faith + Action = Results. In my books, I focus on creating the foundation for the tenacity, diligence, commitment, and courage that is needed to “step out on Faith.” Sometimes people just need a gentle reminder of how great they are; that they are not alone, and that it is OK to make a decision or choice. ”

Black Enterprise: Any advice for women going through life changes?

“At this age and with my experience, I can only caution women to really “Stand in your Truth.” Know who you are and don’t’ be afraid of yourself. I’ve learned that it’s often the fear, confusion, and doubt that stagnate our personal, professional, emotional, and psychological growth. We tend to believe in everyone but ourselves. We have to treat ourselves as though we depend on ourselves. In the same manner that others rely on us…we make sure that we “come through” for them, so we have to prepare ourselves to “come through” for ourselves.”

You can learn more about Dr. Adair by visiting her website and connecting with her on social media via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.