Dr. Dre Has Several Mistresses And Fathered a Child With One, Details From Lawsuit Claims

Dr. Dre Has Several Alleged Mistresses And Fathered a Child With One, Details From Lawsuit Claims

Dr. Dre
Dr. Dre (Image: Twitter)

Amid Dr. Dre’s messy divorce, new claims have surfaced alleging that The Next Episode hitmaker had an affair with a mistress and fathered a baby.

A Los Angeles court filing has surfaced, according to the NY Post, with claims from his ex-wife Nicole Young’s team that Dre had mistresses – Jillian Speer, Kili Anderson, and Crystal Rogers – that Young’s team wants desposed in the contentious divorce case.

And according to the outlet, Dre, who  has just been tapped to rock the Pepsi Super Bowl LVI Halftime Show in 2022, had a child with Anderson, although he has denied the affair.

The Post uncovered an unrelated case that names the Beats By Dre mogul as the father of Anderson’s child. In 2019, Brian Zerba, a former employee of Anderson’s filed a wrongful termination case against her and her company Body Bakery in the Superior Court of California.

Dre’s name was dropped in the filing where Anderson’s team was defending her. It reads:

“Additionally, the owner of the tanning salon Kili Anderson, is said to have been in a relationship with the famous rapper Dr. Dre, with whom she had a child, and therefore she required all at will employees to sign a confidentiality agreement that they would not pry into her life and would keep all things that they learned about her life private.”

The filing continues, “Plaintiff (Brian Zerba) constantly violated this term of his employment by asking other employees what they knew about Ms. Anderson, her child, and what was the nature of her relationship with Dr. Dre.”

Dre was recently dealt a blow when the 56-year-old musicmaker was ordered to pay his estranged wife, Nicole Young, a total of $293,306 a month for spousal support that on Aug. 1. according to Page Six.

Dr. Dre is worth a reported $800 million. The couple were married for 24 years and Young filed for divorce in 2020.