Dr. Ian Smith Gives Insight Into How Men Think With New Book
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Dr. Ian Smith’s New Book Reveals ‘The Truth About Men’

About those universal things that men agree on, what’s this you say about a woman’s pooch being a turn off?

When guys are asked what turns them off physically about women–it’s just one of those things. Women will argue that it’s unfair because your metabolism changes as you age, which is true by the way, due to hormonal changes, but it’s just a preference. That’s the body area where if you gain weight, guys find it unattractive.

But that’s the hardest spot to get rid of for a lot of people!

Diet and exercise, but even guys too. Guys age too. People think this book is a double standard but it’s not a double standard, I’m just writing this book about what men think. I’m not writing about what women think. Women also think things that guys should have too and that’s fair game. I’m not saying in the book that it’s ok for a guy and not ok for a woman.

So it’s like a peek inside the barbershop?

You’re right, that’s great! If you were to walk into a locker room after a basketball game or inside of a barbershop, this is the conversation you would hear. I think the biggest thing is communication. The thing that’s happening a lot is when you look for love, sometimes it’s hardest to find. I do believe when you stress yourself out about finding a partner, sometimes you make it worse.

What about women approaching men?

Guys like women who show initiative. It’s great for a woman to approach a guy.


There’s being too aggressive and aggressive, I’ll admit there’s a fine line. It’s not easy and of course it depends on the type of guy you’re dealing with but in general guys don’t always want to make the first call. Guys don’t always want to come up with where you’re going on a date. Modern guys these days want partnership, they don’t want that kind of domination and if you meet a guy who wants that then you need to look in the mirror if you really want that type of relationship.

What should women take away from the book?

I think women should take away that men are very simple, men are very easily satisfied and that men are going to be men, and there’s certain things about them that are not going to change, and you have to decide if this is the kind of guy you can stay with but don’t get into a relationship thinking that you’re going to mold him.

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