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[Dynamic Dads] Picture Perfect: Kordale and Kaleb on Raising Their Own Picture Perfect Family

While Kordale admits that becoming a teen parent forced him to give up a lot of his later teenage years, he makes it clear that the role of fatherhood is something he wouldn’t trade for the world. Opening up about his rough childhood in his book Picture Perfect, Kordale says that as his children get older, the greatest thing he’s learned about parenting is the ability to give his kids an invaluable amount of time and love.

For Kaleb, who’s always been a family-oriented person, he says being with Kordale and raising three kids, ages 8, 7 and 6, has intensified the value he places on family ties.

“The memories we have with our children, the love we have for our children, and the love they have for us is not replaceable,” says the 27-year-old. “I was talking to Kordale the other day about how I really do consider my best friends to be my immediate family – Kordale and our children.”

While both Kordale and Kaleb agree that they’ve been blessed to raise their kids in a community that respects their family dynamic, they understand the value of sitting down and teaching their kids the importance of being aware of the diversity of not only their family but other families as well.

“I tell my children that in this world you have all types of parents and families. You can have a mom and a dad, a mom and a mom, a dad and a dad, and sometimes single parents,” says Kordale. “Nobody is better than anyone and you just have to respect the dynamic of their family.”

Kaleb adds, “I believe growing up in this household, they will understand that people come from all walks of life. And it’s okay for them to be different because you’re different, and no one is going to be the same.”