20 Global Power Women of Color to Watch in 2016

Entertainment to Politics to Business: 20 Global Power Women of Color to Watch in 2016

USA via UK: Elizabeth Nyamayaro

As senior adviser to the executive director of UN Women, Nyamayaro headed the HeForShe campaign, a movement that seeks to get support from men as advocates for gender equality for women.

The campaign includes a Website with a geo-locator to record global engagement and implementation plans for UN agencies, individuals, and civil society, as well as those on university and college campuses. Since the campaign’s inception, more than 300,000 men have signed up, and it prompted 1.2 billion conversations on social media.

The campaign has also been championed by leaders of countries, top universities including Georgetown and the University of Oxford UK, top companies including Twitter and Tupperware, financial services giant Chase, and international celebrities including actress Emma Watson.