Eric Thomas' Secrets To Success: You Have To Want It Bad

Success: You Have to Want It As Bad As You Want To Breathe

Secret to Success: Author Eric Thomas (Courtesy of subject)


Many people have heard me preach this message over the last few years yet, not many people truly understand the essence of the quote. It is not just a catchy phrase that inspires you for a moment and then wears off later as you move throughout your day. It is, in fact, a way of life.

I am what you would consider an underdog. Growing up homeless and fatherless in the streets of Detroit, Michigan is generally not considered to be an environment that lends itself to being a successful businessman. In fact, that environment doesn’t lend itself to being successful in much of anything. Unless of course, one was to use those harsh conditions as motivation to ensure that no one else in his or her family lineage will ever have to experience a similar upbringing. Herein lays my “why”.  This is why I want to be successful as bad as I want to breathe.

Now, I ask you, why do you do what you do? Why do you wake up in the morning? Why do you go to work every day? If you are unsure of the answer, chances are you are going to have a tough time making it in business. The business world is rancorous and can often leave you feeling flustered and defeated. It is in times like these that your “why” must kick in and breathe new life back into your soul. That feeling of, no matter how many times I fail, I will ultimately succeed because my “why” is depending on me whole heartedly.

So I encourage anyone aspiring to start a business, to be successful in their career or to be successful in life to first find their “why”. Your “why” will keep you honest, resilient, determined, and ultimately lead you to unimaginable heights.

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