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Erica Mena Says ‘Love & Hip Hop’ Cast Depicted As ‘Zoo Animals’ After Being Left Out Racism Roundtable

Erica Mena is clapping back after being left out of “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta’s” roundtable on racism and colorism.

The “Love and Hip Hop” veteran was ousted from the show after she called Spice a “monkey” during a heated exchange filmed in “LHH Atlanta”‘s current season. With the show approaching its season finale, a roundtable on racism was organized among the remaining cast members.

But Mena is speaking out to ask why she wasn’t invited to sit down and talk it out with others who have “said things just as bad.” The reality star wrote a lengthy statement on Instagram in response to the racism and colorism roundtable and accuses the franchise of seemingly using her to “save face.”

According to the axed “LHH” star, she continued filming the show for seven months before she was fired. Mena believes the show fired her only after it decided to air the scene and received backlash from viewers.

“They had this footage for months. They chose to edit it how they wanted and aired it,” she wrote in a comment SHARED by The Shade Room.


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Mena wonders why, if she is being used to “save face” for the network, then why not have her present for the roundtable discussion?

“Desperate to save face but true and only reason a statement was even made by the network was because the backlash,” Mena claims.

Steve Honig, the reality star’s rep, also released a statement blasting the network for leaving Mena out of the discussion.

“It is very disappointing Erica was not included in the discussion about the incident that occurred while filming the show and that the network chose to silence her voice,” Honig told Radar Online.

“She would have welcomed an opportunity to discuss what happened in a way that was productive and made this roundtable truly a valuable moment of learning for all. It is also worth noting that the network continued filming with Erica for more than seven months after the actual incident occurred, despite claims that filming with her was stopped after it happened.”

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