Ethical Fashion in Africa
Black Enterprise Magazine September/October 2018 Issue

Maasai women work on beading for a Vivienne Westwood collection. (Photo: Chloe Mukai/ITC Ethical Fashion Initiative)

Menkes (and her signature hair swoop) sat down with Simon Cipriani, the head of the Ethical Fashion Initiative, about his work to bolster what he calls ethical manufacturing for high end designers in places that are in need of employment opportunities. That means situations such as a Maasai woman hand weaving items for Vivienne Westwood.

“By brining out dignified work, you change society forever,” Cipriani said of the clusters of workshops spread out throughout various African countries.

Check out the video on the New York Times website and see what you think of the interview.

Is this a good idea or is this just exploitation with sugar on top?

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