Faith Evans Owes the IRS Nearly $30,000

Faith Evans Owes the IRS Nearly $30,000

faith evans smilingFaith Evans, Mary J. Blige and Lauryn Hill! Great concert lineup, right? Who wouldn’t want to see a show featuring those three great vocalists.

Well, according to recent news, the Internal Revenue Service would probably be front and center if those three decided to tour!

According to TMZ, Faith Evans is the latest R&B diva to get snared by the IRS.

But, in comparison to what Mary J and Lauryn owes, it’s a drop in the bucket, as Faith owes a mere $29,535.48. While that may still be a big sum for someone like you and me, it’s small compared to the $900,000 Hill had to pay the tax man and the $3.4 million Blige still owes.

The amount Faith Evans owes is from her 2011 earnings.

If I were any female R&B singer, I’d double check with my accountant.