Family Business Launches Game-Changing 10-Minute Hair Weaving System via Kickstarter

Family Business Launches Game-Changing 10-Minute Hair Weaving System via Kickstarter

Minute Weave Family Source: Minute Weave

This family business has set out to disrupt the traditional 500-billion-dollar hair industry with their new patent-pending invention, Minute Weave.  Minute Weave is the fastest and easiest weave installation and styling system ever created. Founded by a family of engineers, military veterans, and hair and beauty enthusiasts, Minute Weave offers customers the potential to create fabulous hairstyles in as little as 10 minutes, but without the sewing, gluing, or commitment, and at a fraction of the cost.

Minute Weave works by attaching hair to a cap using Velcro hook and loop technology. Your complete collection includes 100% Virgin Remy Hair that can be cut, washed, and dyed, and a custom Minute Weave cap. This revolutionary product allows style, versatility, and functionality all in one. You can watch a quick demo by watching the Minute Weave Demo Video.

Co-founder Marche Goldwire was fed up with the commitment of traditional weaves. “You buy the hair, pay for installation by gluing or sewing which takes hours, then you are stuck with that style, whether you like it or not, until you pay for its removal. We figured out a way to eliminate all these inconveniences,” Goldwire explains.

Co-founder Chanel Martin, also known as the “Hair Engineer,” is no stranger to the haircare industry. Martin is one of the co-founders of hair technology startup Myavana, and has been featured in almost every major urban publication, including Business Insider and Forbes, and was more recently featured on daytime talk show The Real. “When Marche introduced the initial concept of Minute Weave to me, I knew we were on to something.  I have worked with hundreds of women who have suffered severe damage to their hair and scalp using traditional weaving methods.  What I love about Minute Weave is that you now have the option to wear extensions while protecting your scalp and hair. Minute Weave is the ultimate protective style!” says Martin.

You can donate or pre order your Minute Weave collection by visiting their Kickstarter campaign by clicking here, or sign up for their email list by visiting See Minute Weave in action, by watching the installation video and by following Minute Weave on social media @minuteweave on Instagram, Twitter, Periscope, Facebook and Snapchat.