MAYOR Eric Adams, Fundraiser, Brianna Suggs

FBI Seizes Communication Items and Paperwork From New York City Mayor Eric Adams’ Fundraising Chief In Home Raid

The FBI raided the home of New York City Mayor, Eric Adam's fundraising chief.

The FBI raided the home of New York City Mayor, Eric Adams’ fundraising chief, Brianna Suggs on Nov. 2. Agents reportedly took several items, including three iPhones and two laptop computers. They also seized papers and other evidence, including a “manila folder labeled Eric Adams,” seven “contribution card binders” and other materials, according to the documents.

The New York Times reported that Suggs’ home was targeted as part of an investigation into possible corruption of whether the mayor’s 2021 election campaign conspired with the Turkish government to receive illegal foreign donations.

The investigation also includes an alleged kickback scheme that involved the Turkish government, a university in Washington DC, and a Brooklyn construction company.

According to CBS News, Adams was on his way to Washington D.C. Thursday formeetings but postponed them to return to deal with the matter.

Adams said he planned on cooperating with the inquiry.

“You probably heard the reports involving one of my campaign staffers, and listen, everyone knows me. I comply with the rules. We’re going to comply with any inquiry, and we will all do that. That is what we do. I have not been contacted by anyone involving this, and I’m just going to continue running this city, the greatest city on the globe,” Adams said.

The mayor was traveling Washington, D.C. to discuss New York City’s migrant situation. He posted a video via X, formerly known as Twitter.

Vito Pitta, a lawyer for Adams’s 2021 and 2025 campaign, “The campaign will of course comply with any inquiries, as appropriate.” He added that Adams “has not been contacted as part of this inquiry.”

Investigators are looking for evidence that may bring charges that include the theft of federal funds and conspiracy to steal federal funds, wire fraud, and wire fraud conspiracy. They are also looking to see if there were campaign contributions by foreign nationals and conspiracy to make such contributions.

Suggs was also given a subpoena to testify before a federal grand jury hearing evidence in Manhattan.

She worked as an aide to Adams when he was Brooklyn borough president. City records reveal that in the past two years, she was paid nearly $100,000 from Adams’s re-election campaign. It covered fund-raising and campaign consulting services via her company, Suggs Solutions.

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