Finding Money to Go Back to School

Finding Money to Go Back to School

Seek colleges that give credit for life experience.
“There is a movement in the country to find some way to give people credit for experience,” notes Weaver. From online universities such as Western Governors University, to public schools such as the City University of New York, to black colleges such as Lincoln University of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, schools are offering adults credit for their work and life experience. The advantage of these universities is that you can shave off one or two years of college costs by getting credit for the years you have already worked.

Consider a certificate program.
Changing careers doesn’t always mean getting a second degree. Certificate programs can often be completed in one year instead of two or four years like a degree program. “Some certificate programs are great,” says Weaver. “Say someone wants to become a project manager, they may be well-suited for a certificate in management. That may be more economical.” One helpful site to explore is