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Finding The Right Financial Fit

who has bought shares in Washington Mutual (NYSE: WM) and Lucent Technologies (NYSE: LU).

Another benefit Tucker has enjoyed from Wright’s guidance is the advice he has given her about estate planning. She has decided to make provisions for appointing a healthcare proxy and a power of attorney to ensure that her wealth is transferred properly when the time comes. “Jamie encouraged me to have a life insurance policy outside of the company that I work for, and I feel very secure now that I have done that,” she says. Tucker has a variable life insurance policy with Equitable Life Insurance Co. that contains an investment option, giving her added flexibility to increase the value of the policy.

Surveying the distance she has traveled with Wright’s assistance, Tucker says she is now a stronger believer in obtaining financial advice early. “I would tell anyone: Don’t be afraid to invest and don’t rely on next year’s income because [you can’t be] sure you’ll have the same job,” she counsels. “Look for ways to earn and save outside of your job if you want to have financial security.”