First Network For Athletes By Athletes Secures Distribution Deal With Amazon Prime

The first-ever athlete-owned TV network that just secured distribution through Amazon Prime.

Last month, PlayersTV, announced its free ad-supported 24/7 channel coming to Amazon Freevee, Fire TV Channels, and Prime Video in fall 2023. Now with distribution in place, the Black-owned network will share compelling sports content with Amazon customers across the U.S. and put control in the hands of athletes like never before.

“By partnering with industry leaders like Amazon, we are taking a major step towards solving the long-standing issue of athlete distribution,” PlayersTV co-founder Deron Guidrey tells BLACK ENTERPRISE.

“We believe that collaboration is key, and by joining forces with like-minded companies, we can achieve far more than we ever could alone. The potential for impact and positive change is immense, and we are thrilled to be at the forefront of this movement.”


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PlayersTV is aimed at giving sports fans unparalleled access to the lives of professional athletes. With content that goes beyond the game, the network offers a look into the lives and stories of athletes in an attempt to connect with viewers on a personal and inspirational level.

“Our ultimate goal is to revolutionize the way athletes’ content is shared with the world,” GuidrEy says.

“We aim to showcase athletes in a relatable way, in contrast to the traditional approach taken by sports networks. By humanizing athletes, we enable fans to connect with them beyond the competitive arena. We are committed to presenting athletes as they truly are, providing them with a platform to express their opinions and voices freely.”

Many current and former pro athletes serve as investors for PlayersTV. Over 50 athletes have gotten involved including Chris Paul, Travis Kelce, Vernon Davis, Kyrie Irving, Dwyane Wade, and Ken Griffey Jr.

“Our vision is to create a global community where everyone can access our content,” Guidry shared. “We strive to reach every corner of the world and will continue pushing toward this goal.”


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Among the lineup of inaugural content coming this fall and in 2024 includes Vino Talk, a sit-down talk show featuring NBA champion Deandre Jordan and softball star AJ Andrews talking with some of the world’s most successful athletes and entertainers.

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