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McDonald’s Customer Arrested For Allegedly Tossing Hot Coffee On Drive-Thru Employee

In Florida, a regular customer of McDonald’s recently found himself in handcuffs, facing a felony battery charge due to an incident that happened weeks earlier.

The altercation occurred at the drive-thru window, where the customer, 64-year-old Elizar Ravelo, was allegedly caught on camera purposely splashing hot coffee on an employee.

Miami Springs police officers arrested Ravelo on Oct. 2 for the Aug. 25 incident, according to Local 10 News. The confrontation reportedly started over a minor argument about the price of breakfast items Ravelo had ordered. Surveillance footage captured the dispute with the store manager at the McDonald’s drive-thru located at 4999 NW 36th St. When the employee handed the man the hot coffee he had ordered, he allegedly slapped it out of the manager’s hand and took off in his vehicle.

According to police, the manager suffered burns on her right arm and chest because of the incident.

Ravelo is facing a felony battery charge and was held at the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center on a $5,000 bond. Miami Springs Police Department and the video clip on its Instagram account described what happened.

On Aug. 25, Elizar Ravelo pulled up to the drive-thru at one of our local fast food restaurants. He got into a heated argument with the window attendant over the amount he was being charged. The restaurant manager approached the window and explained she did not appreciate the way he was treating the employees and that if he continued to do so, would not be allowed back at the restaurant. Ravelo began to verbally assault her and threatened to throw coffee on her. When the manager reached out to hand him his coffee, Ravelo purposely reached out and slapped it out of her hands.



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Shift manager Nayib Garcia spoke to Local 10 News about what transpired that day.

“He orders a Sausage McMuffin with a round egg separately, and he orders a senior coffee, is what I was told,” he said. Garcia also said he was told the argument was over a penny.

The police report mentions that Ravelo admitted being upset “over the amount he was being charged.”

He also stated he was not happy with the service he received.

The Huffington Post identified the manager as Stephanie Restuccia, and according to local law enforcement, Ravelo was ordered to stay away from her and the McDonald’s location.

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