Florida Widow Believes Her Dead Husband Caught COVID From Their Kid's Sleepover

Florida Widow Believes Her Dead Husband Caught COVID From Their Kid’s Sleepover


A Florida widow is speaking out after recently losing her husband to COVID-19. Sherica Dalloo, 32, believes her husband contracted the virus through a child that came to their kid’s sleepover.

“Our family has changed forever,” Dalloo told CBS12. “I’m a widow, with four children that I have to raise, and my youngest is three.”

David Dalloo, 33, passed away from COVID in August after being hospitalized at JFK Medical Center in Boynton Beach. The father of four worked remotely to protect himself and his family from the virus. But in the end, his efforts weren’t enough.

“Someone came to our home that was COVID positive. It actually was a child that brought it into our home,” Dalloo said.

Sherica Dalloo believes it was a 9-year-old child who visited for a sleepover and had no symptoms unknowingly passed along the virus. The entire family tested positive shortly after, but David Dalloo was the only one who didn’t make it, Palm Beach Post reports.

“It was just like surreal,” she said. “He had to have surgeries, he had artificial lungs, he had to go on dialysis, he was in an induced coma.”

Now Dalloo is practicing social distancing, wearing face masks, and any other measures she can take to protect her family from catching the virus again. She also encourages children eligible for the vaccine to get vaccinated.

“I make sure, if we know people are coming, I say, ‘Kids, put your mask on’. Right now, everyone is visiting you and want to see if you’re okay,” Dalloo said.

“You guys have to be safe, at the end of the day, I don’t want you guys to end up in the hospital or pass it on to another relative, maybe older, and something like this happens to them.”

The family has set up a GoFundMe page asking for support amid the loss of David Dalloo.