Flying anytime soon?

This August, following a thwarted terrorist attack in Britain, the U.S. Transportation Security Administration implemented a ban on liquids and gels in carry-on luggage, resulting in a 20% increase in checked baggage. Increased security alerts will be in effect continually according to Yolanda Clark, chief spokeswoman for the TSA.

“We continue to track current intelligence to determine if and when we need to make adjustments,” says Clark. Recently, the TSA decided to relax the ban by allowing travelers to carry on toiletries that weigh 3 oz or less. These items must fit in one, quart-size clear plastic zip-top bag. Also, once travelers clear security, they may bring beverages aboard the aircraft.

Allow yourself additional time to go through security and keep the following tips in mind:
Gifts Although it may be tempting to bring a present for a friend or family member, be sure to mail gifts prior to your departure or wrap them upon arriving at your final destination.

Locks All bags are screened for explosives. “If there is a need to resolve an alarm, then they would open that bag up and go into it,” explains Clark. Distinguishable by their red diamond logo, TSA-approved locks are available at Keep in mind that your lock may be cut off depending on the airport.

Children As a parent carrying a small child, you are allowed to bring gel or liquid teethers. Baby food that is canned, jarred, or processed is permitted in carry-on baggage. “A TSA officer will not ask you to taste or test it,” emphasizes Clark.

Medication You can bring liquid prescription medication if the name on your prescription matches the name on your airline ticket. Passengers are allowed up to five ounces of liquid or gel for low blood sugar medications and up to four ounces of non-prescription liquid medications. Inhalers and solid pills, such as aspirin and Tylenol, will be screened by X-ray or by an airport security officer.

Visit for additional information as well as a detailed list of items that are permitted and prohibited in both carry-on and checked baggage.


  • Cameras, Camcorders
  • Baby formula,Breast milk
  • Canes, Wheelchairs
  • Nail files, Scissors
  • Non-liquid makeup


  • Prescription medication (above 5 oz.)
  • Eye drops (above 4 oz.)
  • Cough syrup (above 4 oz.)
  • Tools (above 7 inches)
  • Lotions, Creams (above 3 oz.)
  • Lip gels and glosses (above 3 oz.)


  • Liquid-based foods(yogurt, cheese)
  • Sporting equipment
  • Martial Arts & Self-Defense items
  • Sharp Objects (except scissors with blades shorter than 4 inches)