For Youth Jobs, White House Pushes Involvement
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For Youth Jobs, White House Pushes Involvement

President Obama hasn’t been shy about seeking to become a champion for youth employment, and now some of that talk is finally being put into action.

The administration is voicing its opinion that the key to helping at-risk youth get over the hump is employment. It’ll be a challenge, and an uphill battle: youth unemployment rates across the country are far worse than the national average.

“Through its Youth Jobs+ initiative, the Administration is working to both increase employment opportunities for low-income or disconnected youth and decrease juvenile violence. This initiative builds off the highly successful 2012 Summer Jobs+ program.”

The White House is imploring local businesses to get involved with the program.

“To help local communities that are developing and enhancing programs that support of these goals, the Administration is offering online resources, technical assistance, and local events across the country that highlight the value and importance of providing pathways to employment for young people.”

“The Administration also is working with several national organizations to disseminate these resources, including the U.S. Conference of Mayors, which issued its own summer youth jobs challenge this year.”

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