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Former NFL Player Ricky Williams Advocates For Cannabis Use To Treat Players

Cannabis is used for more than just feeling good.

Former NFL player Ricky Williams, whose legal name is now Errick Miron, advocates for the league to use cannabis to treat its players, CBS Sports reports. The Heisman Trophy winner has spoken out numerous times on how the NFL could benefit from it beyond just allowing players to use it. “I think the next step, though, is at the end of a game, if we’re on the plane ride home, the trainer is walking down the aisle and has two capsule cases — one of Ambien, and the other one of Vicodin,” Miron said.

“And the truth is, for football players, we do need something because it hurts, and you’re all revved up, and it’s hard to calm down and go to sleep. And I’d love to see cannabis as being one of those things that the trainer is walking down the aisle and offering to those players.”

The league has changed its testing policies. In 2021, the new policy stated that players are to be tested at the start of training camp, and punishments are far less harsh than in the past. When Miron was playing for the league, he was suspended multiple times for marijuana use. In May 2004, Miron was suspended just a few months shy of his stunning retirement decision. After coming out of retirement in 2005, he was suspended for the entire 2006 season for violating the NFL’s drug policy.

Eventually, he was reinstated in 2007 and officially retired in February 2012.

Miron has been outspoken about how marijuana has been effective for his mental health and started his own lifestyle brand, Highsman, according to TMZ Sports. He says his entrepreneurial journey has been nothing but positive. “We have an authentic message, and people are growing some really amazing flower that can really help people feel better,” Miron added. “If we can be a person that can make that connection on the cannabis side, that feels great to us.”

With the NFL changing its policy, more players are expected to use marijuana. In an interview, Kansas City Chiefs star Travis Kelce said that he estimates 50% to 80% of players currently use cannabis.