Frequent Flier Freebies?

I take frequent business trips during the year, sometimes several in the same month, and my flights are often delayed or canceled, or I get bumped. Some carriers offer to switch flights or simply apologize for the delay, but as a frequent flier I feel entitled to more. What’s my recourse?–Anonymous, Via the Internet

Missed flights, weather delays, and bumped seats can be frustrating. You should look up the airline’s Rule 240, which covers the various policies for individual airlines when a passenger’s flight is delayed or canceled, or connecting flights are missed. This rule can allow you to have free meal vouchers or hotel stays, or to travel on another airline, among other accommodations.

The inconvenience must be the fault of the airline carrier, however, such as delays due to a mechanical problem, missing crew members, or the late arrival of an aircraft. Weather delays or other circumstances outside the airline’s control would not be included.
Rule 240 was originally a federal requirement, therefore, it related specifically to U.S. carriers. But now it is no longer a requirement, so rules may vary by airline. For more information, check with the individual carrier, keep a printed copy of the “rules” when you travel, and log on to