Fully Vaccinated Chris Rock Tests Positive For COVID-19: 'Trust Me You Don't Want This'
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Fully Vaccinated Chris Rock Tests Positive For COVID-19: ‘Trust Me You Don’t Want This’

Chris Rock
(Image: Facebook/Chris Rock)

Chris Rock revealed that he tested positive for COVID-19. The comedian shared the news on Twitter Sunday Morning, urging fans to get vaccinated.

“Hey guys I just found out I have COVID,” Rock tweeted. “Trust me you don’t want this. Get vaccinated.”

More than 42 million coronavirus cases have been confirmed in the United States, according to data from the Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center. Global cases of the coronavirus have grown to over 228 million. As of Sunday, September 19th, over 673,000 have died in the United States from the virus.

Chris Rock Reveals He Received COVID-19 Vaccination

Chris Rock has been a vocal advocate for vaccinations. Earlier this year, the 56-year-old shared his plans to get the COVID-19 vaccination. During an interview with Gayle King, he responded to the hesitation that many black people have about getting the vaccine.

“Let me put it this way: Do I take Tylenol when I get a headache? Yes,” said Chris Rock. “Do I know what’s in Tylenol? I don’t know what’s in Tylenol, Gayle. I just know my headache’s gone. Do I know what’s in a Big Mac, Gayle? No. I just know it’s delicious.”

In May, Rock told Jimmy Fallon that he was vaccinated. He received the single-dose Johnson & Johnson COVID vaccine. He called Johnson & Johnson “the food stamps of vaccines.” Rock also jokes that he used his celebrity status to jump the vaccine line.

The most popular vaccines in the United States are Johnson & Johnson, Moderna, and Pfizer. Vaccines have proven to be effective but don’t provide 100-percent immunity against contracting COVID-19. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, vaccines can reduce COVID-19-related hospitalizations.

As of September 2021, more than half (55%) of the population have been fully vaccinated.