Gabrielle Union And Dwyane Wade Announce EWG VERIFIED Mark For PROUDLY Baby Care Brand

Gabrielle Union And Dwyane Wade Announce EWG VERIFIED Mark For PROUDLY Baby Care Brand

PROUDLY, the baby care line created for the needs of melanin-rich skin tones co-founded by Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade, announced the brand has received the EWG VERIFIED® mark by the Environmental Working Group (EWG) for all their skin are formulas and baby wipes within the brand’s portfolio. By becoming EWG VERIFIED, PROUDLY is recognized to meet EWG’s strictest health standards, meaning the products contain none of EWG’s chemicals of concern and provide full ingredient transparency. As the first product line made specifically for melanated baby skin, PROUDLY is a first in category for EWG verification.

“Many decades-old, leading baby care brands that have been marketed to Black and Brown families are often made with lower quality ingredients and are not always transparent with what’s in the bottle. With PROUDLY, we are proud to have created a brand that is both affordable and meets the highest level of health standards set by EWG,” says co-founder Union.

“Black and Brown children deserve to have their needs centered—and the numbers show that significant health disparities exist as seen in the prevalence of various skin conditions and the lack of healthcare access,” adds co-founder Wade. “Together PROUDLY and EWG look forward to longer-term opportunities in research to expand our knowledge of the needs of darker, sensitive skin and how to formulate clean, affordable products that are functional for these needs.”

The Environmental Working Group is a nonprofit organization that empowers and encourages consumers to make informed choices regarding their health, the environment and product purchases by offering research, advocacy and educational tools. EWG VERIFIED is considered the gold standard in the health and wellness space. The mark symbolizes that a product has gone above and beyond to disclose all ingredients, including those used in fragrance mixtures, in product formulations to the manufacturing process in order to earn the seal of approval.

“PROUDLY represents a first-of-its-kind brand that is authentically focused on an underserved consumer. Their product development approach, led by their chemist, dermatologist, and pediatrician is admirable,” says Ken Cook, president and co-founder of the Environmental Working Group. “With PROUDLY, we look forward to future research to help define what is both the highest health standard and functional for the darkest skin tones, which have unique needs. We’re proud to have PROUDLY as an EWG VERIFIED partner and look forward to future collaboration.”

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