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Georgia Digital IDs Now Available For Android Users At TSA Precheck

Android phone users can now use their Georgia Digital IDs at the airport. The new rollout will be available to those with Transportation Security Administration (TSA) PreCheck when going through security, especially Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson airport, according to WSB-TV.

This update comes after iPhone users were given this same opportunity in May, according to WSB-TV. Now that users of both devices have the digital ID, travelers can use their phones at PreCheck to present their identification and, one hopes, speed up the security process.

This news comes is a big deal for Georgians given the long lines frequent the airport known previously as the world’s busiest.

“Across the state, Georgians expressed overwhelming excitement over the initial rollout of this new option, and today’s announcement is another exciting step forward in Georgia’s mission to provide cutting-edge technology to its citizens,” Georgia Governor Brian Kemp said. “We look forward to the continued rollout of this program and its growth in the days and years ahead.”

Before the newest Android expansion, Kemp detailed how the “No. 1 state for business” was setting new trends to evolve longstanding processes. Applicable users can add their mobile IDs to their digital wallets by registering with the DDS. Once confirmed, their phones can be used to verify their identities while going through TSA.

However, as this technological update continues its rollout nationwide, the government agency is still encouraging travelers to carry their physical ID at all times for extra precaution.

More airports across the country are adopting the use of digital IDs for security checkpoints as mobile driver’s licenses become widely available to all. Arizona, Colorado, and Maryland are also part of this latest initiative, with California and Iowa having their own state-wide apps for residents to use as well.