Bonnet Debacle: Ohio OB/GYN Office Goes Viral For Banning Hair Bonnets
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Georgia OB/GYN Office Goes Viral For Banning Hair Bonnets

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Amid the current wave of bonnet bias, an OB/GYN office in Columbus, GA is going viral for all of the wrong reasons.

Digital strategist Leslie Mac put the doctor’s office on blast on Monday with a tweet including a photo of the signage banning pajamas, slippers, and bonnets.

“There is an OB/GYN in Columbus OH that has a “no bonnets” policy,” Mac’s tweet read. “My anger is peaking over this bullsh*t policing of Black Women every fu*king where.”

In a second tweet, she included a photo showing the office’s “Attire & Grooming” policy asking patients to “please refrain from wearing sleepwear items.”

Mac blasted the doctor’s office for the apparent discrimination. “Like Black pregnant people need more shit to worry about,” she quipped.

She went on to share a screenshot of the doctor’s office guilty of the sleepwear ban. “This is the hospital – the nurse said “certain doctors have a problem with women wearing bonnets,” Mac said while sharing the name and address of St. Francis Hospital in Columbus, GA, not Columbus, OH as her initial tweet claimed.

Ironically enough, the doctor’s office only had two stars on Google Reviews.

“To file a complaint: 877-508-LIFE (i know what a joke) Email:,” Mac said while urging her followers to issue out their complaints against the discriminatory ban.

Others left comments blasting the hospital for the strict attire policy in a medical field where many women go for help during sensitive experiences.

“I’m nearly shaking with rage,” one Twitter user said. “As someone who studies reproductive health equity, I can only imagine how this person treats patients.”

“What does what I have on my head got to do with my reproductive health??” added someone else.

The viral tweet came amid heightened debate after actress Mo’Nique called out Black women who wear bonnets and sleepwear when they’re in the airport. While some agree with the Precious star, there are others who feel it’s yet another attack against Black women.

It looks like this movement is going beyond just the airport.