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23-Year-Old Allegedly Stole $200,000 From Victims In Real Estate Fraud

A 23-year-old scammer in Georgia, who stole $200,000 from unsuspecting home buyers, has yet to be found by authorities.

An accused scammer in Georgia is on the run after police uncovered his alleged real estate fraud. Jaylen Anderson allegedly took at least $200,000 from multiple victims.

Anderson’s alleged scheme involved Luz Holdsworth and her husband in January 2023. The married couple responded to a Facebook Marketplace ad about a property in the Ellenwood neighborhood within Atlanta. Taking on the name of Noah Roberts, Anderson allegedly prompted them to wire a massive sum of money. The first-time home buyers believed the funds were sent to a law group in the city, only to find out their offices were unaware of this “purchase.”

Detectives discovered that Anderson was using the law group’s name as a cover for his scheme. The 23-year-old allegedly posted fake listings on the social media website to steal money from unsuspecting victims. Holdsworth told Fox 5 Atlanta that the process seemed legitimate at first. She and her husband got to inspect the home and the signing included significant paperwork.

The couple sent over $100,000 to Anderson in what they believed were closing costs on their first home. They initially sent over a signed contract with a $2,500 deposit. They paid the final $98,000 a day before going to the actual the law firm, leading them to discover the lie.

According to Gwinnett County police, Anderson’s real estate scam amassed at least $200,000 with money from another pair of victims.

“He was masking his name, obviously, using different aliases, he would mask his phone number, his email addresses. He made it appear legitimate like he did represent a law group here in Atlanta,” shared Police Corporal Juan Madiedo.

Upon further investigation into Anderson’s alleged activities, he now faces charges of theft and identity theft. However, the Georgia resident has evaded authorities thus far. The Gwinnett Police Department remains on the hunt for Anderson, and encourages anyone with knowledge to come forward.

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