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Get Fit On A Dime

deal,” says Lavery. Figure out how often you plan to exercise at the gym. This will give you a better idea of how much you’ll really be paying weekly or daily and help you determine whether or not a particular membership is worth the price tag.

Your Rights as a health club member
Laws vary from state to state, but these rules apply at most gyms:
You have the right to cancel a contract without penalty within three business days and receive a full refund.
Your contract should cover no more than 36 months (in some states, 24 months).
A health club must give you a written list of all its membership plans with descriptions and a price for each plan, including special offers and discounts.
If you become temporarily disabled (you are unable to use the gym’s facilities for six months or less) and your condition can be verified by a medical doctor, you can extend your contract for the duration of your disability without additional charge. If you become permanently disabled, you have the right to cancel your membership.