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Getting on the Road to Financial Freedom

of products. You also don’t want to have to hire anybody. Hey, you need to keep all the money you’ll earn, don’t you? And by taking the home-based approach, you won’t have to pay extra money to lease space or rent a place from which you’ll run your home-based business (you’re already paying something to live where you are, right?). Running the business from home also means no commuting costs or commuting time (unless you call the 30-second walk from your bedroom to your basement a serious commute).

Finally, if you’re a person who is Web savvy, I’d encourage you by all means to harness the power of the Internet to make money in any way possible—any way that’s legal and moral, of course. For instance, maybe you’re a good writer. Scores of corporations and organizations out there need writers to, well, write—all kinds of stuff: pamphlets, brochures, company newsletters, employment manuals, etc.

You can offer to do desktop publishing services if you have a penchant for that. Perhaps you speak another language: think about selling online language instruction. With the World Wide Web as your gateway, your customer base is almost unlimited. Clients can be in any part of the world—as long as they’re willing to hire you and pay up in a timely manner.

If you follow these guidelines and are willing to think creatively about how you can pad your current income—without killing yourself in the process—you can slash your debts by leaps and bounds and become financially fit much, much faster.

Speaking of goods and services, now may be the time to consider doing something that so many Americans are angling to do: start their own business. And if millions of entrepreneurs across the country are correct, one of the best ways to launch a business is right out of your own home (or apartment … or garage).

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