Give1 Project Launches Entrepreneurship Incubator in Dakar

The business incubator model is an increasingly important vehicle for facilitating the growth of small and medium-size enterprises in Africa. Because of this, a number of technology hubs, incubators and accelerators have emerged across Africa, all aiming to empower local communities and address economic concerns.

Fitting its mission, the Give1 Project recently launched an entrepreneurship incubator in Dakar, Senegal. Give1Project is an international non-profit founded to promote the spirit of leadership among youth by encouraging them to invest in their community, economic growth, and political aims.

The organization is introducing an entrepreneurship incubator as a new component to the Give1 Project. This entrepreneurship incubator will provide a workspace for entrepreneurs building startups ranging from technology to food to arts sectors. The incubator will offer business plan development, technology and social media training, consulting and networking opportunities. The Incubator will build a close partnership with the Give1 Young Women’s Network to support young women in entrepreneurship. Every six months the Give1 incubator will select 25 young people to create innovative businesses. The participants will be selected during the Give1 Project Entrepreneurship Summit. Each student will participate within a business plan pitch competition and selected to join the incubator. Give1 Global Leaders and young American entrepreneurs recently traveled to Dakar to assist in the incubator build out.

The official launch of the program took place during the opening ceremony of the new office headquarters in Dakar, Senegal on December 12th.