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GoFundMe For Woman Harmed By Brick-Throwing, Catcalling Man Exceeds Goal

Friends of the woman who had a brick thrown at her by a catcalling man turned to GoFundMe to help pay her medical bills—and the public delivered.

“Help Roda Recover” was created in early September by a dear friend to help Roda, a single mother and student. The goal was set at $25,000 as the woman sustained multiple injuries. Eight days after its creation, the crowdsourcing campaign surpassed the original goal, with over $42,000 raised.

“Roda is a single mother and student, ” shared the organizer of the GoFundMe, Kiara Davis. “She is a beautiful person who is always there for others. Because of this vicious attack, she will have to manage hospital bills, therapy, and time away from work, school, and childcare while she heals mentally and physically. Unfortunately, no one stepped in to help her that night—it would mean so much if we could step up and help her as she heals.”

Roda tearfully recounted her viral story from the hospital, showcasing her enlarged swelling from where she was hit on the side of her head. She said a man catcalled her before throwing a brick at her face. The man fled the scene; other men present didn’t try to stop him.

“What have I ever  to anybody in my life to deserve this?” she said. “I have never done anything in my life to hurt anybody. Literally a man asked me for my number and I said, ‘No.’ And he picked up a brick, in front of so many men, and was like, ‘What are you going to do?’”

After tremendous support from the very beginning of the fundraiser, Davis also shared an update from Roda on how she was “moved” by the generous donations.

“Your donations will go a long way in helping her receive proper medical care and taking the time she needs to heal,” shared Davis on the site, which is still active.

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