Golf & Tennis Challenge 2015: Day 2 - Celebrating Carnival

Golf & Tennis Challenge 2015: Day 2 – Celebrating Carnival

On Friday night, the Golf & Tennis Challenge celebrated the spirit of the Caribbean with Carnival! Alison Hinds, the esteemed Queen of Soca herself, performed recent and classic hits in a green, sequined, halter-top dress and gold gladiator sandals that wrapped up to the knee. The spirit of the West Indies was channeled through various rhythmic beats and calypso drums while the crowd jumped, swayed, got low and wound their waist all night to the infectious Soca beats – and this was just the warm-up.

The energy in the building was palpable. It bounced off the walls and landed in your hips. You couldn’t help but be taken up with the spirit. The dance floor alone couldn’t quite contain the dancing crowd, so the fete spread into the sidelines. Hinds chose three lucky ladies (well, one of the ladies chose herself) to come on stage to represent for their Caribbean roots by way of the wind. Then, just when you thought the vibe was leveling, Hinds performed yet another hit to ignite the crowd all over again.

And just to mix it up a little, Hinds introduced throwback American hits into her set, including Naughty By Nature’s OPP, Sly and the Family Stone’s Everyday People, and Poison by Bell Biv DeVoe. The party didn’t want to stop!

Even though we had to end things at some point, tomorrow night, we’re picking the party right back up at the same time and place with the Grammy Award-winning Estelle!