Got an MBA? 5 Ways You Can Excel in a Tech Startup

Got an MBA? 5 Ways You Can (Still) Excel in a Tech Startup

Use Your People Skills

One of the main reasons people go to business school is for a powerful network. Additionally, you learn and polish your people skills at B-School. You should also use them to contribute to your startup: you can connect with a venture capitalist you know from your business school days or even get in touch with a contact at a top tech firm your company can partner with.

I see a lot of people with MBAs in Silicon Valley, yet a majority of them are working for big companies like Google and Facebook. Many think that MBAs don’t add value to startups and can be useful only in big corporations. I would love to see more MBAs taking the plunge into entrepreneurship.

– Written by Ashu Dubey

Ashu Dubey is a product guy, hacker and data scientist all rolled into one. He is the co-founder of 12 Labs’ Applause, a data science powered weight loss application. At 12 Labs, he crunches data to help Applause users lose weight smartly and scientifically. During his undergrad career, Ashu launched a successful non-profit, Fast Forward India, to help underprivileged children gain computer literacy. He loves hiking and running. He has an MBA from UCLA and B.Tech degree from Indian School of Mines.

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