Green Gets You Laughing

Green Gets You Laughing

(Image: Kareem Green)
(Image: Kareem Green)

What has been your biggest triumph in comedy thus far?

It’s being able to do different kinds of crowds. I know there are many comedians who can’t do that. I can do Latino crowds, black people, a white audience—my spectrum is large.

In doing that (engaging different audiences) are you tailoring your delivery or the content?

I keep my delivery. I may take out unfamiliar references or alter a reference to tailor to the audience.

I notice race comes up a bit in your sets, are you finding that there is pressure to censor your material or tone it down given the state of things–namely the social climate and the heavy criticism of comedians controversial remarks in regard to current events?

Actually, the recent censorship has made me more frustrated. Let’s not act like the truth isn’t the truth. The truth doesn’t have to be defended. I don’t censor. I do attempt to tailor my material to be less offensive. I may use politically correct terms, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to let up off what the truth is.

Is there an overall message you look to convey with your comedy?

My message is: let’s just be honest with each other then maybe we can actually get along. Stop taking everything so personal. As comedians, we don’t make the world, we just discuss it. Don’t make me the reason for your anger when I’m simply bringing about a discussion. If you happen to fall into what I’m talking about and you don’t like it, change your life. If we’re going to talk, let’s talk for real.

What can Black Enterprise Golf & Tennis Challenge attendees expect from a Kareem Green comedy set this Labor Day?

Will Serena be there? Lol. Attendees can expect everything we just talked about–honesty, hoodness, wittiness, straightforwardness, silliness, and just fun. All bets are off. Everything is a go.

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